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Work Therapy

Through the use of a social model, our rehabilitation program in Sacramento uses work therapy to help individuals overcome addictions.

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The Salvation Army's drug and alcohol programs are social model, work therapy programs. That means that we don't "treat" addictions with more drugs.

Instead, we train men and women in Sacramento to live without drugs and alcohol through a 6-month, residential program that helps them learn about themselves, their addictions - and the God who made them and wants to set them free.

Work therapy helps prepare for the future.

In Sacramento, each man and woman in our drug and alcohol program is given work to do which helps train them to succeed in future employment. They learn to be on time, show respect, add value, set and meet goals, and do good work.

Holistic work-therapy, combined with group and individual counseling, 12-step programs, spiritual direction, and life skills development, helps residents learn to live victoriously without drugs and alcohol. We think that's a pretty powerful combination.

Every time you donate to or buy from a Salvation Army Family Store, you're giving work therapy to someone in need who will use it to find a job that allows them to return to the Sacramento community and to their family. Thank you.

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